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Take the Local Network Pledge

The L.N.P. is a pledge to support local businesses whatever way you can. Our four pledges are:

1. To Source Products Locally

Local companies struggle to compete with sometimes lower priced goods coming from abroad, lower prices however can sometimes mean lower quality so give your local supplier an opportunity and you may find a higher standard of goods an also be able to build up a relationship so you know the best goods will be sourced/ supplied to you!

2. To Utilise local services

Whether it be, taxiís, solicitors, IT Networking or stationary suppliers you will always find people within your local area who have the service you need, so why not give back to your local area first as it can only benefit you and your business in the long term, if revenue is being generated, local services will improve and businesses will benefit from this!

3. To Give local businesses an opportunity to tender for business with your company.

Give local businesses a chance to be heard! With this pledge you agree to be open to accept local businesses tenders and proposals and to give them a fair opportunity to pitch their products or services.

4. To Support Local Employment

By taking this pledge you are agreeing to help foster a stronger local economy thus enhancing local employment opportunities.

When it comes to services and products act Locally!