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Cheryl: Motherhood means I can’t dance as much as I’d like to
Cheryl has said that being a mother means she has not been able to dance as much as she would like. - Entertainment RSS Feed
The Oscars - who will and should win
Another year gone, and once again we're giving our two cents on Sunday's shindig - who will be the biggest winner on the night?
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Peta faces backlash after criticising Steve Irwin on his birthday
Animal charity Peta is facing a backlash after criticising Steve Irwin on what would have been his 57th birthday. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Westlife's Mark Feehily reveals fiancé's identity
Westlife's Mark Feehily has posted a picture of his fiancé on Instagram. His fiancé has always been shy of the limelight but has clearly agreed to the release of some pictures of the pair together on social media.
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Sarah Jessica Parker knew of harassment on film sets
Sarah Jessica Parker has said that she had to ''try to figure out'' how to ''stand up for herself'' on movie sets where she was aware there was harassment going on.
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Greatest Showman sequel in development
The Greatest Showman sequel is in development according to the director Michael Gracey of the original hit film.
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'What a heartbreak' - Chris O'Dowd lost out role to Oscar favourite Richard E. Grant due to 'creative differences'
Chris O'Dowd admitted it was "a heartbreak" to lose his role in 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' to Richard E. Grant. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Rob Delaney praises supportive wife after son's death
Actor and writer Rob Delaney has said that were it not for his wife, he could not have got through his grief, after his two-year-old son died from cancer in January 2018.
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Krasinski working on A Quiet Place sequel
Actor and writer John Krasinski has confirmed he is working on a sequel to the horror film A Quiet Place.
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Drew Barrymore praises friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz on her birthday
Drew Barrymore has thanked Gwyneth Paltrow for her “sweetest” comments on her 44th birthday and hailed her group of female friends, which includes Cameron Diaz. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Schumer cancels tour over severe morning sickness
Comedian Amy Schumer has cancelled the remainder of her tour after suffering severe morning sickness according to her social media account Instagram.
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Cheryl helped me out when my son was sick, says Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison has praised Cheryl, his co-star on The Greatest Dancer, for stepping in to help when his son fell ill. - Entertainment RSS Feed
John Krasinski confirms A Quiet Place sequel
John Krasinski has confirmed he is working on a sequel to the horror film A Quiet Place. - Entertainment RSS Feed
The Greatest Showman sequel in the works, director reveals
A sequel to hit musical The Greatest Showman is in development, the director has revealed. - Entertainment RSS Feed
R Kelly arrested and held in custody following sex abuse charges
R&B star R Kelly has been taken into custody after arriving at a Chicago police station. - Entertainment RSS Feed
New BBC talent show The Greatest Dancer concludes tonight
Four dance groups await the final of BBC talent competition The Greatest Dancer and the end of its first series. - Entertainment RSS Feed
'Seeing a 50-year-old woman with slightly younger men is still quite surprising' - Susie Blake talks Mrs Brown, Miss Marple and snogging Keith Duffy
Some Agatha Christie classics need no reminder. Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express are works so frequently exhumed that watching a new version is more an act of suspending memory than disbelief. Not so with The Mirror Crack'd however. The Miss Marple mystery is set in St Mary Mead of 1953, and is, as with seemingly all such stories of such vintage, a simmering brew of class war, snobbery, sexual politics, impropriety and intrigue. - Entertainment RSS Feed
A 'quiet novel' where everything is perfectly placed
Why isn't Tessa Hadley more famous? The answer, perhaps, has to do with how hard it is to describe what makes her such a good novelist without falling into the trap of calling her books "quiet". Certainly, the unapologetically domestic titles dare you to do that - The Master Bedroom, Accidents in the Home - but once you are immersed in one of her subtly realised fictional worlds, she shows you how loud that "quiet" can be. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Pick of the week: This Time with Alan Partridge
I think we all know which way Alan Partridge would have voted on Brexit: the erstwhile sports reporter, talk show host and disgraced regional radio jock is a dyed-in-the-wool Little Englander, with a deep suspicion of all things 'foreign' and a puzzling fondness for traditional British cuisine. He must be a happy man at the moment, therefore, as his country lurches towards a hard Brexit and years of international isolation, but will be even happier that, after a gap of several decades, he's finally got back on the telly. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Paul Whitington: Are the Oscars broken?
Are the Oscars broken? While the annual film industry bun fight has averaged between 45 and 50 million TV viewers in the US over the last 30 years or so, figures of late have been dipping, and last year reached an all-time low. Voting with their remotes, just 26.5 million Americans tuned in to follow the event live, with most preferring to get potted versions afterwards, or avoid the festival of backslapping altogether. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Starlet: The Irish Midlands with a touch of Beckett
Smock Alley is now in the fourth year of its Scene + Heard festival, presenting works in progress from more than 105 companies. Each show is at a different stage of development; all are being test-driven in front of an audience to identify weaknesses and opportunities for tweaking. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Review - Metro Exodus: 'An absorbing journey, just don't expect the crisp gunplay of a modern shooter'
"There is Metro, nothing else," the inhabitants of post-apocalyptic Moscow in this book-to-game series were told repeatedly. Much like a lot of government propaganda, it was a lie. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Kabbalah: Secrecy, Scandal and Soul - new book tries to explain Jewish mysticism that became an unlikely celebrity fad
There was a time, a decade ago, when a certain type of attention-seeking celebrity wouldn't dream of being seen in public without wearing a knotted red string on their left wrist. England footballer David Beckham sported one prominently over his tattoos at the Euros in 2004 (including when he missed a penalty). Kylie Minogue, Demi Moore and Mick Jagger, among others, brandished theirs as a hint that, when away from the cameras, they were in fact deeply spiritual people. - Entertainment RSS Feed
John Boland on TV: Property-porn addicts get a double fix on RTÉ
Just in case you're not getting enough property porn in Dermot Bannon's Incredible Homes (RTÉ1, Sunday nights), along comes another season of Home of the Year (RTÉ1, Tuesday nights), in which the owners of 21 domestic dwellings compete to show why their houses are much nicer than yours or mine. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Runner fights new rules which might Caster into the cold
Caster Semenya is a champion middle-distance runner. She was born intersex (known as Disorders of Sex Development, or DSD) and has naturally occurring levels of testosterone far above the female norm. This has, critics claim, allowed her to become that champion. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Soap of the week: Coronation Street
Corrie loves a good siege, or someone generally being kidnapped - be it in a basement, or a cottage, or wasteland, or an arbitrary abandoned building. Or The Bistro. They're never short of places for people to be held captive, so, for this week's hostage situation, we're being brought to the "arbitrary abandoned building" to see Clayton scare the bejaysus out of both Shona and David. But how did he get free, especially considering he was at death's door a few weeks ago? - Entertainment RSS Feed
Dirty Little Secrets review: Brisk, busy plotting are secret to Jo Spain's latest success story
Dirty Little Secrets, the new novel from Irish crime fiction's current hot-ticket Jo Spain, is, on one level, incredibly formulaic. - Entertainment RSS Feed
The Schumanns, Brahms and a love triangle
One of the enduring mysteries in music concerns the precise nature of the relationship of two of the greats of the Romantic era, Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. - Entertainment RSS Feed
Lisa O’Neill: 'Like anyone being creative, there's always some self-doubt'
Lisa O'Neill has got her first smartphone. It's the second day she has had it, but she's none too pleased about it. "This thing," she says, picking it up and looking at it with thinly veiled disgust, "I just hope it doesn't ruin everything." - Entertainment RSS Feed
Finding the comedy in grief: Aussie Rules film The Merger tackles rural racism
You're comedian Damian Callinan. Your wry, character-driven riffs have gone down a storm in the immediacy of comedy clubs and festivals from Adelaide to Edinburgh. The Merger, your award-nominated one-man play about a small-town footy team that changes local attitudes to refugees, must crossover to the hush of the big screen with both dry Aussie wit and important message intact. Tough ask, right? - Entertainment RSS Feed