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North kildare Chamber urges for the councilnot to cut Taxes

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Read the article and see what you think is it with merit ???

After a policy meeting of North Kildare Chamber this week, North Kildare Chamber believes that moves to immediately cut the Local property Tax rate by up to 15% could potentially leave Kildare County Council underfunded and this may result in a reduction in services or an increase in business rates to make up any shortfall. We believe that increasing rates for already struggling local businesses could contribute to business closures, job losses and ultimately a lower rates base for Kildare County Council in the long term.

An increase in commercial rates will have a hugely negative impact on the local economy, jobs in the locality and the community. At a time of considerable change for the local authority, we must insist that the Local Property Tax is not cut by our newly elected councillors. It is our belief that Kildare County Council and its councillors must send out a strong united message to the business community that it is a pro-business council. The Chamber has made contact today with our 40 councillors in Kildare, Kildare County Council and our 7 TD’s in the county reinforcing this message.

CEO of North Kildare Chamber Allan Shine said this afternoon ( 31st July) “To introduce any cut before having full knowledge of the Local Authority’s annual budget would be reckless and could lead to unintended consequences: would it lead to reductions in spending; would essential services need to be cut; would the local business community have to make up the shortfall through increased commercial rates?. Our policy committee are finalising our key action points for budget 2015 and are presently talking to our members in regards to areas of concern with all business sectors. We represent over 320 businesses in the county. Businesses need the support of the Council and its councillors”, Shine concluded.

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More greed from those who lead us into such a mess ..who is on this policy committee ? Name them so we can boycott their business's ..really annoyed

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oh i am not impressed with this i need a reduction in my taxes do these guys not realise the difficulty ordinary households face each week

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